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Appraiser Genie is the leading software for the modern appraiser. We understand the demand for support today's appraiser needs by fully documenting the appraiser's workfile for each and every report completed with Appraiser Genie. Genie is the only software on the market that allows you to be in control while automatically backing up every adjustment made with solid, proven methods.

Simplifying Appraiser's Life

You Need Support

Struggling to support your adjustments? Genie provides the appraiser with over 14 PDFs of support placed in the workfile. These PDFS provide an overview of all adjustments and data analysis used in Genie. All calculations used in Genie come straight from text books used by the Appraisal Institute or Columbia Institute.

Easy To Customize

Use defaults to their max. Don't adjust for the first five years for age? Genie provides different defaults for concessions, age variance, site size variance, effective age, and much more. Genie provides a powerful comment builder that allows you to pull data for specific information such as land value, 1004mc, and subject comments. Make your comments as detailed and supported as you like! You decide how the comp grid is completed by Genie.

Data Sources

Unlike any other appraisal software, Genie provides a peer database for your review. Genie automaticaly takes the previous 20 entries and provides an average value in return. We also store your imported comparable properties that way if you reuse them, the data is automatically imported. This exclusive feature retains your previously entered information allowing for a quick review. Genie also uses your MLS export, Public Records, USPS, your local county assessor, and buildingcost.net automatically to provide analysis and support.

What separates us from the rest?

We take out the guesswork and do the heavy lifting. Our innovative software can handle over 3,000 imported comps and up to five years for regression analysis. We provide analytical support and complete documentation for everything we do. Not only are we advanced, we use proven methods for all support. Cost approach is automatically completed utilizing buildingcost.net but you may also manually use data for Marshall and Swift.

Genie completes your 1004mc, reconciliation, highest and best use, trends, effective age, comp grid, and much more than all of our competitors combined. Got 8 minutes? Watch our timed quick demo to see how much time we save you on each report.


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